Urban Chestnut SLIPPILS

SLIPPLIS (Saint Louis Imperial Pilsner) 7.5% ABVUrban Chestnut SLIPPLIS
Imperial Pilsner
Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

“S-aint L-ouis I-mperial PILS – Spelled backwards or forwards it’s the same. And it’s not your typical Pilsner, it’s more prodigious (maltier), it’s more audacious (hoppier), it’s less delicate, it’s Imperial…it’s SLIPILS to be exact.”  –SLIPPLIS webpage

A little bit different, a little bit the same.  Though I have enjoyed my Pilsner phase over the past few days it is time to move on.  Well, maybe not move on entirely, but I wanted something that packs a bit more punch, something that maybe isn’t quite as light and crisp, something a bit more…Imperial, I suppose.  What better transition beer than the Urban Chestnut SLIPPILS?  It is still technically a Pilsner, using German Pilsner malts, but also adding in German Munich malts.

The bitter finish, similar to a Pale Ale or even some IPAs, gives away that a lot more hops are used in the brewing of this Pilsner.  It also has a darker coloration, and the 7.5% ABV is much higher than you would find in a regular old pils.  The closest comparison beer is the Sierra Nevada Hoppy Lager, though the SLIPILS is much maltier.

This isn’t my favorite brew by Urban Chestnut, but I like the creativity in this Revolution Series #9 beer, and I just love the name1.  This is a beer that is perfect for a variety pack or as part of a flight.

  1.  I am a fan of the fact that their are two name variations of this brew.  There is the easy to type out SLIPILS, that is used on the Urban Chestnut Website.  There is also the name used on the beer label, which artfully uses the mirror image of “SLIP” to spell out PILS.  I tried for way to long to track down a font that would reverse the letters of PILS and couldn’t.  Kudos to your label artwork department Urban Chestnut. 

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