Sam Adams New World

New World 10% ABVSam Adams New World
Belgian Tripel
Samuel Adams

Sam Adams.  Where do I begin?  I have a long relationship with Sam Adams spanning over a decade now.  There was my youthful infatuation and obsession period in which he could do no wrong.  That was followed by a cooling off period in which I didn’t spend nearly as much time with him, but he was always my backup at bars or restaurants when I didn’t see others that called out to me.

Though these others were more shy, not promoting themselves as much or as successfully, I wanted to discover all the differences and eccentricities of each.  He remained in the background, on rare occasions I would pay him some modest attention.  Though he continued  his successful mass campaigning, his affect on me was not the same as it was when he first won me over.

Now we are on friendly terms.  I see him on occasion and we will share a glass, especially at restaurants seasonally, but I do not seek out his company.  I respect his work and craft but we are both at different stages in our own growth.

On a recent out of town trip I happened to stumble upon him.  His appearance was different than anything I had ever seen.  Definitely not in the trappings he adorned in my home area1.  Though I was more excited about the new blood that surrounded him, I took a chance on this New World version of Sam Adams.  Maybe this will spark a new phase in our relationship,  let’s find out.

I “pour gently into a traditional glass2” this Samuel Adams New World.  It’s a Chimay glass which I used to reserve only for Chimay beers.  I enjoy the glass too much to limit its use that way anymore.  The foam of this beer clings beautifully to the sides of the glass as you drink.  The carbonation of the beer is fantastic.  The aroma is enticing but in no way prepares you for the full flavor of the brew.  Wow.  Sam Adams has surprised me again.  I can’t get over how much I’m enjoying this beer.  I should have know to expect greatness, especially from the Barrel Room Collection, but I truly am astonished at how much I’m enjoying this beer.

It is light and crisp, yet full of spice notes and hints of tropical fruit flavors.  This beer could get one into trouble if unaware of it’s higher end ABV.  I must say, I might have to start seeking out the BRC3 version of Sam Adams.  This New World has rekindled the feelings I had long ago when I first came across him.


  1.  I haven’t seen any BRC Samuel Adams beers in Springfield, Il, though I haven’t hunted for them, yet. 
  2.  The back label states “Enjoy this ale now or age it to further develop unique flavors.  Pour gently into a traditional glass at 50°, taking care not to unsettle the fine layer of yeast at the bottom of the bottle.” 
  3.  BRC stands for Barrel Room Collection.  Kraft and I got to sample the Special Ingredient in this brew “Kosmic Mother Funk” at BBC14, which is used a lot in their BRC brews. 

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