Rouge Double Chocolate Stout

Double Chocolate Stout 9% ABVRogue Double Chocolate Stout
Chocolate Stout
Rogue Ales

It has been too long, way too long.  I have tried a few times to sit down, drink a beer and write about it.  Seems easy enough, right?  Well these past 10 days or so it has been far from easy.  I have gone through the same routine, the same preparations, but the flow of words do not come as they usually do.  I decide upon a beer, make sure the proper glass is clean.  I open the beer, pour it into the glass, take a picture.  I email the picture to myself and then upload it to  I create a new post, get the tags ready, set the photo of the beer as the featured image.  I pull up my google docs and get ready to type.

I smell the beer.  I taste the beer.  I try to write about the color, the head, the aroma and taste.  I try to think of an interesting way to describe how the beer makes me feel, how it’s essence affects my taste buds and my overall body.  Nothing interesting, nothing noteworthy, nothing worthy of publications seems to come.  These are good beers mind you.  It’s not like I’m trying to review Natural Light.

Am I doing something wrong?  Are my tastebuds out of whack?  I do not know.

What I do know is I’m rather enjoying this Rogue Double Chocolate Stout.  I’d like to appropriately describe it’s not too sweet but just right chocolate flavor, but again, I can’t find the right words.  If you like chocolate stouts, this is a beer worth trying.  Though Valentine’s Day is long gone, this is a beer to keep in mind for next February’s mid month holiday.

This would also be a great bottle to bring to a dinner party.  An ideal beer to split amongst 4-6 friends as an after dinner drink enjoyed with dessert, especially chocolate cake.

There it is.  Nothing exciting.  Nothing profound.  A simple description of a solid beer, that I would enjoy drinking again.  I hope to regain my creative juice so as to produce a review more rewarding to read soon.  Until then, Cheers!

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