Rolling Meadows R.M.B. Porter

R.M.B. Porter 5.8% ABV (give or take 0.15%)Rolling Meadows R.M.B. Porter
Rolling Meadows Brewery

“Finally, the RMB PORTER has ARRIVED!  We give this classic beer a new twist.  Our decadent brown porter is malty, with deep roasted coffee and cocoa flavor and a mild hop finish.”  -Chris Tradeau R.M.B. Founder

To be honest, Chris summed up the beer perfectly and efficiently with that quote from the label1.  I’m going to spend 500 words describing my experience with it anyway.  I know, “great way” to get you to read the rest of the review.  Come on…you know you want to keep reading…or maybe not…either way, humor me and find out some more about this delicious beer.

The beer pours black as a winter’s eve in Svalbard2.  The head has a rich brown color and lingers oh so nicely.  It is well worth placing the glass up to your nostrils and inhaling deeply to experience the nose of this beer.  The expected porter scent is prominent with aromatic hints of chocolate and coffee.  My taste buds are now fully alive with anticipation.  “Drink it already!” they seem to shout out to me.

I take not a tiny sip as I should, but a gulp.  Right up front you get a wonderful porter flavor.  The coffee and chocolate notes being subtle, I pick up on them in the middle of the beer.  Then for the true surprise.  My, what a light and clean finish to this porter.  Most porters are heavy even  aggressive.  The mild hops used in this one create a wonderfully clean finish.  The hops are balanced properly with the rest of the beer, so as not to make the beer “hopped up” as so many breweries are found of doing.

I must say I am biased when it comes to porters, stouts and barley wines, they are my favorite styles.  With that being said, man oh man, this beer is good.  The coffee and chocolate notes become ever more pronounced as you drink.  Dancing on your palate well after you have finished your sip (or gulp) and then flowing perfectly into the front of your next draught from the glass.

I have to remark about how well the foam of this beer clings to the glass.  I thought the Wet Hop Slam Dunkle had nice foam cling.  Well the R.M.B. Porter puts it to shame as evidenced by this picture.Rolling Meadows R.M.B. Porter Foam Cling

While the R.M.B. Porter is the newest beer that Rolling Meadows has produced it is putting on a show in it’s rookie campaign.  It is now in my top 2 – 3 favorites of all the Rolling Meadows beers I’ve tried.  My only complaint is that the bottle seemed to empty far too quickly.  This is a seasonal beer and will not be around for long.  Hopefully with a dash of my praise and more importantly sales numbers for the brew (that’s where all of you come in), this will become a seasonal fixture.  Regardless, I recommend you procure some double-quick3.

I’ll leave you with a friendly reminder to check in tomorrow as we continue Rolling Meadows Week with a review of the Rolling Meadows Brewery Tour.  None other than Chris himself was the tour guide.



  1.  I have noticed that Chris likes to play around with varying labels for beers.  The label that Guys Drinking Beer show for this beer has a different quote than the label on my beer.  It’s like having different collectors edition labels. 
  2.  Those of you who are RISK players won’t have to google that
  3.  Yes, I just finished re-reading 1984. 

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