Rolling Meadows Wet Hop Slam Dunkle

Wet Hop Slam Dunkel 6.5% ABVRolling Meadows Wet Hop Slam Dunkle
Rolling Meadows Brewery

Today kicks off Rolling Meadows Week here at 365 Brew.

Rolling Meadows Brewery is located in Cantrall, Il which is just outside of Springfield, Il.  I am a big fan of supporting local breweries and for me it doesn’t get any more local than Rolling Meadows.

This is my second time having the Wet Hop Slam Dunkle.  My first tasting of it was during a tour of the Rolling Meadows brewery and farm.  You can read all about my trip to the brewery on Wednesday, along with more in depth information on their history and current operations.

For now let’s get to the tasty beer.

I poured the Wet Hop Slam Dunkle out of it’s 22oz bottle and into my Rolling Meadows glass, which I received during the tour.  The beer has a dark brown almost black coloration.  A very solid head is produced from the pour.  The head slowly dissipates while leaving a shallow ring of foam around the top.  In my opinion that is the perfect head.  It is pleasing to the eyes and dissipates at an appropriate rate so you don’t get foam all over your face, or beard in my case.

The foam clings to the glass as you drink it which shows me that their is the right amount of carbonation in the brew and like a good wine showing legs is evidence of the high quality of the beverage.

The nose is inviting and immediately makes you aware it’s a dunkleweizen.  Now for the best part of any tasting, actually drinking the beer.  Right up front you get the flavor that you would expect from a dunkleweizen.  Subtle spice notes come through with each sip.  Early on, the spice notes hit me more in the middle of the beer, while after getting into my second pour the spice notes begin to hit more in the finish.  Each pour brings a renewed foamy head which is always nice.

I must say that this beer becomes more impressive with each sip, as ones palate becomes more in tuned with the beer.  It is almost strange that their is such flavor while the beer is so easy to drink.  As I get towards the end of the brew I start to notice some slight zesty hop notes, that come from the wet hops harvested from the R.M.B. hop yard and utilized in the making of this brew.  This beer really keeps me coming back for more.

The Wet Hop Slam Dunkle is a seasonal brew and very near to the end of it’s seasonal availability.  If you see a bottle at the store buy it, so you don’t have to wait a year to taste this brew.  If you see it on tap definitely order a glass or two.  While I certainly enjoyed this bottle, I’m very grateful that I got to try this beer fresh from the source when I took the tour.

Come back tomorrow to read about the newest Rolling Meadows beer, the R.M.B. Porter.

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