5 Rabbit Vida y Muertzenbier

Vida y Muerte Muertzenbier 6.3% ABV5 Rabbit Vida y Muerte Muertzenbier
5 Rabbit Cervecería

I rather enjoy the adventure of trying out new and different beers.  Sure there are risks associated with this pastime, as many of you are well aware.  All in all, it is a worthwhile endeavor as the rewards far outweigh the risks we take.  There are times though, at least for me, where my pigheadedness and longing for yet another unique beer experience overshadow fair warning from fellow beer lovers.  This beer is a prime example.

A 4 pack of this beer was purchased with hopeful promise.  The promise of a creative and interesting beer, that would hopefully be tasty.  One beer of the 4 pack was consumed.  Let me rephrase, a portion of one beer of the 4 pack was consumed.  The rest of the beer was poured down the drain.  The remaining 3 beers were handed to another individual with ample warning of how terrible the initial purchaser thought the beer tasted.  This second victim being like most of us beer lovers thought “We all have different tastes, I’m willing to give it a chance.”  The same process ensued.  He couldn’t bring himself to finish a single beer and voraciously complained about the beer.  I asked “You going to throw out the beers?  I’ll try it.”  He looked at me in shock and again stated how horrible the beer was and explained how he came to possess the brews.  I wasn’t phased.  I thought, maybe I have a more “experienced” palate, maybe I can appreciate some of the subtleties of the beer, even if it’s not that good.  He gladly handed over a bottle while giving another victim the last of the 4 pack.  He plainly stated “If you two don’t take the beers, I’m throwing them out.”

So you have it right there, I was more than properly warned.  Yet here I am a half glass in, my palate in agony, all thanks to my stubbornness.  But I must power through and provide you with a full breakdown.

There is a slight caramel nose to the beer, but not much else.  Upon my first sip I was able to pick up on some slight flavor in the front of the beer, that quickly dissipated into a deplorable lack of flavor.  The lack of flavor, far from neutral, created an “unflavor” that became more and more detestable.

With my second sip I got more of the caramel and spice notes, I was able to pick up on the slight sweetness caused from the milk sugar.  Again though, it faded into that watery “unflavor” that is incredibly unkind to the palate.

This beer somehow becomes increasingly terrible as you drink it; not even having a high enough alcohol content to at least give you a buzz for your trouble.  I stare at the face of the rabbit on the bottle and begin to think that the rabbit is mocking me.  I am not one to pour out a beer, but this one is really making me want to.  Every sip is a challenge, a struggle.  My palate is screaming at me, “Why are you forcing this down your throat, what I have done to you to deserve this?”

The aftertaste of this beer becomes increasingly acrid.  I want to chug the remaining contents but to be perfectly honest, I’m scared1.

This beer was made in honor of the “Latin American tradition of the Dia de los Muertos.”  While I understand what the brewery was trying to do, they are not honoring that tradition with this beer.  I would like to say that this brew is best left for the dead, but if you were to leave this beer upon an altar for your departed relatives to enjoy, they would at best curse you and more than likely end up haunting you for the rest of your living days.

Stay far away from this beer, and learn a valuable lesson from my experience, listen to your fellow beer lovers when they tell you a beer is so bad that they are going to throw it in the trash.  I had to learn the hard way.

This is my first experience with 5 Rabbit beers, but I have heard good things about their other offerings.  Do any of you recommend another one of their beers?

  1.  I did end up chugging the rest of the beer, after having another tasty beer opened to wash it down.  Unfortunately this beer tried to escape through my nostrils as I chugged it.  The horror…the horror. 

2 thoughts on “5 Rabbit Vida y Muertzenbier

    • Hopefully you are right and I got an old or a bad batch of the beer. I’ll have to try out some other 5 Rabbit beers. May not be able to summon to courage to try this particular one again though.


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