5 Beers for Christmas

5 Beers for Christmas (4 to try and 1 to avoid)

Christmas is upon us.  With so many beers out their to drink this holiday season, we decided to help by providing some recommendations on Holiday seasonal brews.  Happy Holidays from 365 Brew!

Big Muddy Winter Ale

Worth it at the very least for the cool Sasquatch Elf label.  Nice to have in the fridge when rummaging around for something different.

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The Bruery 7 Swan-A-Swimming

This is a great brew to have this Holiday season, for those beer lovers who adore Belgian Quads. Nothing truly special about it to make it a Holiday Seasonal other than the name, but it is a fantastic beer.  You can always grab a bottle to age until 2019.

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Southern Tier Krampus

The sole beer on this list that I do not recommend drinking.  I tried two seperate bottles of this beer months apart and did not enjoy it either time.  This may be a situation where the beer just doesn’t fit my palate or vice versa, but with so many great options out there, buy a different beer.

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Shiner Holiday Cheer

Now we get to 365 Brews two most highly recommend Holiday beers.  Shiner uses peaches and pecans which are grown in the surrounding areas near the brewery.  Using traditional Texas ingredients they make a truly Texas Holiday beer.  Pick up a 6 pack or 12 pack to bring to your next Holiday part or so you can enjoy one on Christmas day.

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Schlafly Christmas Ale

This is my personal top pick for any Christmas or Holiday Beer.  While it doesn’t have the traditional cinnamon, vanilla or nutmeg flavor that most holiday brews possess, Schlafly uses ginger root, clove and other great ingredients to create a wonderful beer.  They even use Honey in the fermentation process to make it reminiscent of a mead.

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