Big Muddy Winter Ale

Winter Ale 6% ABVBig Muddy Winter Ale
Winter Warmer
Big Muddy Brewing

The nose has a most pleasant aroma of vanilla and cinnamon.  The appearance of the beer is dark black which I was not expecting.  The vanilla and cinnamon are easily picked up on in the taste as well as the aroma, the ginger makes itself known in the tasting.

Big Muddy refers to this beer as a “medium-bodied winter warmer.”, on their website.  It is definitely not full bodied, but it has more substance to it than a light beer.  I’d agree and say that “medium-bodied” is apropos, though I was expecting something a bit heavier and more full bodied from a winter warmer.  This beer runs at only $6.99 for a 6 pack, so given the price it’s a decent beer.  Not sure I’d grab more than a single 6 pack.

It’s a good once-a-year buy, when heading to a Holiday party to provide some options beyond the usual beers.  This is in no way  near the same class as the Big Muddy Vanilla Stout.  You can’t fault a brewery for not putting out 5 star brew with every style though.

The Logo for this beer is great.  Big Muddy puts the base idea of the Sasquatch to good use on 4 of their beer logos:

Winter Ale – The Sasquatch is bearing a bag of cinnamon while in an elf outfit.
Pumpkin Smasher – The Sasquatch is crushing a large pumpkin with his foot while carrying two smaller pumpkins on the vine.
Monster – The Sasquatch is dangling a strand of hops from his hand.
Backwoods Monster – The Sasquatch is carrying a Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel in his arm.

I have now had all but the Big Muddy Monster of those above and I recommend trying them all out.  I need to get my hands on the Monster and see how well they can make an IPA style brew.

The more I drink this Big Muddy Winter Ale the more I pick up on the ginger.  Generally speaking I’m not a fan of ginger but when used properly in a beer, I seem to enjoy it. This beer with it’s medium-body is one that you can knock back 2-3 of, while hanging out with friends and family at a Holiday party.  If you are in Southern Illinois grab a 6 pack on your way to a seasonal party to share.  Worse case scenario, you have to take some leftovers home with you to enjoy.

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