Ommegang Three Philosophers

Three Philosophers 9.7% ABVOmmegang Three Philosophers
Belgian Quad (Quadruple)
Brewery Ommegang

Complex and involving, those are the words that come to mind as I first imbibe, the Three Philosophers.  There is so much for the palate to grasp onto.  Though instead of trying to pinpoint the different sublties and nuances, it seems best to let the beer do the work.  This is an active beer, and I merely a passive recipient of it’s spice notes, flavors and substance.  The complexity is not a fleeting trait, but the foundation of this beer.  Right when I think I am tasting the finish, more flavors burst on to the scene, that is my tongue.  Every sip is a pleasure, with minute yet noticeable differences.

I wholeheartedly agree with Ommegang that this is a beer “made for contemplation.”  It is best served at fifty degrees Fahrenheit.  Mine was well below that temperature when I poured it into a glass.  It will reach the optimal temperature as it warms in my hand, when around half of it’s contents remain.

Of the beers my sister and brother-in-law sent me for my birthday, this is the last 1.  I’m glad I waited to consume this one.  I had high expectations; they have been met and exceeded.  This is not an ideal brew for a novice beer lover, unless they are fearless and willing to try it again after further palate wisdom is gained.  Like the Chimay Blue, this beer can provide new insights and more sophisticated appreciation the wiser a beer connoisseur you become.  I look forward to marveling at the depth of character, flavor and complexity of this brew when I drink it again in the years to come.

Maybe that’s why it’s called Three Philosophers.  The philosophers are actually all the same person merely at different ages in the journey that is life.  At various ages you can contemplate and discover anew the treasures that abide within this beverage.  Reminding yourself that the more you know, the more you truly realize how little you know.

This is an exquisite after dinner beer.  Ideally shared with a good friend after said dinner.  The two of you can reminisce about old times, current joys, and hopeful plans for the future.  Allowing the beer to interject the conversation, as it is so good the two of you must discuss the nuances it has to offer.  Forget Sherry, Brandy or Port; I long, years hence, to sit by a fire in a comfy chair and share an evening of stimulating, endearing and uplifting conversation with a life long friend, while we both sip on this well crafted, thought provoking and delicious beer.


  1.  It is the last of my birthday present beers, that I have consumed. A few of those beer reviews remain to be posted.  Also, I gave one of the beers to fellow contributor Kraft, under promise that he would review it.  I look forward to his take on the Fuller’s London Porter.  It’s a tasty beer and I almost regret giving it up.  Thanks again Sis and Bro-in-law! 

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