Rinkuškiai Werewolf 8.2%

Werewolf 8.2%Werewolf 8.2%
Belgian Strong Dark Ale

She sits in her room alone.  The door shut and locked, the windows closed and the shutters latched.  Though the sun is shining brightly, producing a pleasant crisp early October day, she sits in darkness, dreading the approaching night.

This will not be her first.  She has undergone the transformation a handful of times before.  It matters not, though, if it has been once or hundreds of times she has experienced the curse; the agony that ensues, one never grows accustomed to.

So she sits, in terror, barricading herself from the world, protecting the world from that which she will soon become.  Not only is tonight to be a full moon, but also her first Blood Moon.

I opened up my bottle and poured it into a goblet glass.  To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from the beer.  I assumed it was more a marketing ploy, branding a beer with the name Werewolf and making it available in the lead up to Halloween.  I was surprised and delighted at how wrong my assumption was.

The beer has a sweet mellow taste and is not overpowering.  I was able to pick up on the subtler spice notes as I made my through the glass.  Always the sign of a good beer, upon finishing it, I kept reaching for the empty glass, wishing there was still some left.

While drinking the beer I researched a bit about werewolves and full moons.  In my research I found that very late tonight, more specifically, tomorrow before sunrise, there will be not only a full moon but a lunar eclipse or “Blood Moon.”  This particular “Blood Moon” will appear exceptionally large as the moon has just passed its closest point to the earth.  The good people at Earth Sky have an enlightening article about this phenomena and a table with the best times to see the “Blood Moon” in different parts of the world.

I have already bought another Werewolf 8.2% and will be drinking it prior to sunrise tomorrow, while I observe this celestial event.  I can only hope that I am not attacked by a beautiful blond haired maiden who has been transformed into a blood thirsty Werewolf this eve.

One thought on “Rinkuškiai Werewolf 8.2%

  1. And as Lon Chaney Jr. once told the Gypsy woman when she looked into his hand and saw the pentogram in his hand, she said “Beware of the Full Moon. For when the full moon rises even a man can become a wolf”

    Little did he know that the Gypsy woman spoke the truth. Beware of the full moon! And, if you drink too much of the Werewolf Beer at 8.2%alcohol in an evening you might wake up feeling like you spent the night on the bogs.


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