Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale

A Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale  8.5% ABVLagunitas Little Sumpin' Extra
Imperial / Double IPA
Lagunitas Brewing Co.

For once I poured a beer exquisitely into a glass.  This beer has a beautiful white foamy head and a subdued floral hop bouquet of a nose.  For an IPA, let alone an Imperial IPA, it is quite smooth, with a hint of bitterness coming in at the finish.  If I was smart I would have bought a 6 pack of the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ to review before this one and I could have had a “Lil Sumpin” themed week, but alas, I had no forethought.  I haven’t even had the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ before.  I saw this seasonal brew come in and saw the extra 1% ABV over it’s younger sister ale and bought a 6 pack before it was gone.  I knew I could always grab the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ whenever I felt like it.

As each Lagunitas beer has a paragraph written by the founder on its label if it’s a bomber bottle or on the bottom of the 6 pack holder if it comes in 6 packs.  Here, I now insert the paragraph found on the bottom of the A Little Sumpin’ Extra! Ale 6 pack holder:

“This is my space.  I write the words here.  I am the ghost in the machine.  These words are the voice of the beer you have been drinking, or will soon drink.  The words are profane, pedestrian, vulgar.  These words are not refreshing, they are not magical like the beer they colorfully wrap.  You and I have only words and these words are my nearly desperate attempt to be understood.  The beer beneath me is never desperate, it is nearly sacred.  It is a promise.  It knows that it is a dream of running in grass, a dream of music in the sky, a bridge to another shore.  It is a communion wafer on your tongue and you take it into your body in the same hopeful transcendent pursuit of solace and community with the eternal.  Of course, it isn’t any of those things unless you want it to be so, but neither is the communion wafer.  These words are all I have, but the work of the guadrillion yeast cells acting in their own eternal congress and the message that they have for you, shepherded by a handful of brewers to you in this form is a thing that you now have, in your mind, in your hand and soon, once again, in your mind.  The time for words is ending now…Call us sometime and share some words! 707-769-4495 Cheers!”

This particular paragraph puts me in a state of sublime thought, which may be more due to the lovely contents of the bottle, but the words do help tip me over the precipice of mundanity and into contemplation of the infinite, eternal, and the opposite of boring daily life.

The sweet hoppy goodness that defines this glass is reminiscent of the sweetness that is life, nay existence itself.  For to drink is the lowest most necessary act of man and beast, yet humanity has transformed the simple act of drinking water; it has intermixed the water with “yeast cells” and hops and other ingredients which spring from the ground, into something much greater than its constituent parts.  This combination of disparate parts is forced together for a time, in which they act together and release and condense, finally fermenting into the lovely brew I have just now poured forth from a bottle into a finely made glass.  This lovely concoction, elixir, beverage, draught has raised my spirits to think of the other worldly, which only exist if I believe it to be so.  Though I know not which is, far less do I know which isn’t?  Still I go on drinking and thinking, basking in the knowledge that I know nothing and have come from nothing and to nothing shall return.  Who knew the depths of thought a mere 12 ounces of liquid could bestow on such a banal mind?

Here’s to Lagunitas, Here’s to beer, Here’s to Humanity!  May we always strive for that which is beyond our grasp!

One thought on “Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale

  1. If only the Spoetzel Brewery would put a beautiful woman on their Shiner Bock bottles then their sales would go up by at least 100 %. But if they put a well endowed German Woman from Shiner, Texas on the front of the bottle then, in Texas, their sales would go up 1000%. I can’t say what it would do for sales in the rest of the country, since the rest of America does not appreciate well endowed German Women from Texas as we do here. God bless Texas. BEAT BAYLOR!!!


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