Green Flash West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA  8.1% ABVWest Coast IPA
Imperial / Double IPA
Green Flash Brewing Co.

The older I get, the more I realize how little I know.  Along those lines, I come to find with each passing day how little common sense I posses.   The following is a prime example of both of these.  I enjoy a meal from a good Indian restaurant.  I also enjoy a good India Pale Ale, at least currently; my palate seems to waiver on IPAs.  As obvious as it seems, I never had the thought to pair these two joys in my life.  By happy accident, the other evening I did just that.

I purchased some Garlic Naan, Vegetable Samosas and Chicken Tikka Masala (Chicken Tikka Masala being an item along with IPAs, which were created in the United Kingdom) from Flavor of India, a local Springfield, IL restaurant.  After serving myself a hearty plate worth of this tasty food, I opened the fridge to see which beer I would partake of with my meal.  I noticed there were two West Coast IPAs left from a 4 pack I had bought a few days ago.

While I had always over looked Green Flash beers in the past, after attending Beer Blogger Conference 2014 and trying out a couple of their brews, and also hearing there that West Coast IPA had started the revolution of craft IPAs nation wide, I decided I needed to try it out.

So there I was looking inside the fridge at the West Coast IPA and I became giddy like a school girl.  I thought to myself, “I can drink an India Pale Ale with Indian food!”  I excitedly cracked open a bottle, poured myself a glass, grabbed my plate and plopped down in front of the TV to dig in.

Halfway through my meal and beverage it hit me that this food seemed to taste much, much better than the last time I had Flavor of India.  I also noticed a stark difference in the beer from the first two I had ingested earlier in the week.  The sharp flavor and spice notes of the food didn’t dim or recede, nor did the hoppy flavor of the brew fade or diminish.  It finally clicked, these two items fit perfectly together like wine with cheese.  The Chicken Tikka Masala was cleansing my palate with each bite, so that each draught of the West Coast IPA was like my first, and the beer in turn did the same for this scrumptious entrée.

Again this is obvious for those with common sense, but as I stated at the beginning, its astounding how little of that common sense I possess.  At least it makes for exciting “discoveries,” and helps me realize how much I have to learn.  Next time you are in the mood for Indian food, grab some West Coast IPA to go with it.  If you are in the Springfield, IL area, grab said Indian food from Flavor of India.  Hopefully you’ll be as delighted as I was with the combo.

5 thoughts on “Green Flash West Coast IPA

  1. I remember when you would not eat anything other than hamburgers and hot dogs. Now Indian Food! Amazing what happens when you go vegan for a year. Your taste buds explode after that. WOW!


    • Just to clarify, I only went Vegetarian for a year. I don’t have the strength to give up cheese, and be vegan. Everything else was 100% accurate though :-).


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