Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial  4.5% ABVModelo Especial
Groupo Modelo S.A de C.V.

I can be (am) a bit of a beer snob.  At least that’s what I’ve been told by more than a few friends.  At the same time it is nearly impossible for me to turn down a free beer.  My sister and brother-in-law, as faithful readers will know, sent me 12 different beers for me birthday (Yes, my birthday was in June, and yes I’m still working through the wonderful assortment they sent me.  Thanks again, Sis!).  That is why I am here today reviewing a Mexican pilsner, produced by a brewery that is owned by InBev, the largest beer conglomerate in the world.

Not expecting much from this brew, I poured it in to a typical American bar glass.  The gold foil on the top of the bottle does add a sense of class to this beer.  Though, I believe they are merely trying to spruce up the packaging to make up for what’s inside.

The nose is nonexistent.  The flavor is not bad, but lacking.  It is very light and easy to drink.  You could easily chug down a few while watching your favorite sporting event on TV.  I am picking up on a slight sweetness on the back end of the beer, which is a pleasant surprise.  I’ve had much worse when it comes to a big brewery pilsner.  I am not going to go out of my way to drink one of these in the future though, that’s for sure.

This is basically a  Mexican version of Miller Lite, even having the same color scheme as the Miller Lite “Retro label.”  I will give Modelo Especial this much credit, it’s better than Corona.  You don’t need lime slices to make it drinkable.

This is a beer worth trying at a Mexican restaurant in lieu of Corona.  It’s a beer to recommend to a friend who is only familiar with Budweiser and Miller and is looking to branch out.  Everyone has to start on their beer tasting journey somewhere; this is a place to get them started.  It will at least give them the impression that they are being adventurous and trying new things.  With some potential craft beer drinkers, you have to ease them into the complex and delicious world that is Craft Beer.

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