Smog City Coffee Porter

Smog City Coffee Porter 6% ABVSmog City Coffee Porter
Smog City Brewing Co.

I really like beer.  I really like coffee.  I really really like good coffee beers.

We were deep into Thursday night, having toured three breweries already.  For most of us it had been a long day, as we had gotten up very early with little to no sleep, in order to make our morning flights.  No one was complaining mind you, as who is going to complain about getting to tour five different Los Angles breweries in a chartered bus, full of fellow jovial beer enthusiasts.  At this point in the night though, with lack of sleep and copious amounts of beer already tasted, it remained to be seen if anything from the last two stops on our journey would impress.

We entered the Smog City Brewery and Tasting room.  They had stayed open late just for our arrival.  Two hours late to be specific.  We walked into the warehouse/tasting room and my eyes grew wide when I saw they had a coffee porter.  After brief introductions, it was mentioned that the coffee porter was one of the beers we could sample.  I immediately rushed to the taps and asked for a glass.  I had recently been disappointed by the Uncommon Stout, an oatmeal stout with coffee added.  So I was a bit weary that this coffee porter wouldn’t live up to my hopes, but this worry was also subdued, due to the beer consumed at the previous breweries.

I put the glass under my nose and inhaled deeply.  Oh my.  This beer smelled incredible.  I actually took a few moments just to smell the beer, taking multiple deep inhalations; I wanted to fully imbue my olfactory receptors with this deep coffee aroma.

Next was the true test, I took a small sip.  Oh my, oh my.  I took another sip, swirling this beautiful concoction around in my mouth, letting every taste-bud bask in the deliciousness.  This beer was amazing.  I overheard another in our party say it was like having an “espresso beer.”  Which is probably the most succinct and accurate description of this beer.  I never thought I would find a coffee beer I enjoyed more than Schlafly Coffee Stout, but here it was.  I was so thoroughly impressed by this beer I had to buy a bottle to take back with me to Illinois.  I should have bought a case.

The following week I decided I had to share this wonderful brew with some friends who both appreciate coffee beer.  I was concerned that I had possibly overblown how good the beer was, again due to my inebriation factor at the time of first tasting.  I would find out in short order if my memory and the present day reality of the beer coincided.

I poured the contents of the 500ml bottle into 3 glasses.  We clinked glasses, said “Cheers” and all held the glasses to our respective noses, taking in the aroma.  Oh wonderful brew, the nose was somehow even better than I had remembered.  Now for the taste, wow…Wow.  This coffee beer had just as much flavor if not more so than I remembered.  My friends where incredibly impressed as well.  I had never received this much thanks for sharing a beer with them.  At separate times, they both told me “This is the best coffee beer I’ve ever had.”  Considering how much I respect their palates and the number of different coffee beers they have both tried out, this was the highest praise the beer could receive.

They both finished their glasses quickly.  I knew this would be the last I would taste of the beer for a long time, as I rarely make it out to Los Angeles.  I savored my cup, taking twice as long as my two friends.  I didn’t want the enjoyment to end.  If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, do yourself a favor and make it over to the Smog City Tasting Room and buy a few bottles of their Coffee Porter.  Hell, it’d be worth it to make a trip out to LA just for the Coffee Porter, and while you are there you could do some other sight seeing.  If you do make it out there, send me an email.  Seriously, I’ll send you some funds so you can ship me some bottles.  I’ll pay for the shipping, the bottles and some extra cash for your trouble.

I really really really like the best coffee beer being made, Smog City Coffee Porter.

4 thoughts on “Smog City Coffee Porter

  1. Smog City’s Coffee Porter, IMO, is the reason they were able to transition from a contract brewery to one of the premier independent breweries in Los Angeles. (Though I have to admit I’ve never had it myself).


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