Lagunitas Maximus

Lagunitas Maximus 8.2% ABVLagunitas Maximus
Imperial / Double IPA
Lagunitas Brewing Company

The sky was an ominous greenish-grey; the thunder had already started rolling in across the fields.  I hastily poured my Imperial IPA into the nearest glass I saw, a tulip glass.  I then rushed out the quarter opened sliding glass door onto the balcony.  A brilliant flash of lightning split the air and the storm began in earnest, as I took my first sip.  The rain began to fall fast and loud picking up pace and volume with each passing moment.  My shirt became wet as water from the sky was finding it’s way through the crevices in the balcony above me.  The thunder boomed, the rain became a single sea, a deluge, the individual drops coming in such furious rapidity as to make them indiscernible from one another.

Before I knew it, I had finished my glass and raced back inside where I had left the remainder of my 22oz bottle.  Quickly refilling my glass, slightly trembling with the adrenaline the storm was producing in me, I ran back onto the balcony.  Just in time.  I sat down and saw a jagged white line separate the darkness, as it imprinted its image upon my retinas; two more flashes popped filling the expanse with the light of a noon day sun.

Oh how I love a good storm, this one a violent raging storm brought on by the horrendous heat and humidity of the past two days.  The only thing that could possibly make better my full consumption of the glory and fury of nature was this delicious American Double IPA, which I was having for the first time.

The stormed continued for what seemed an hour.  I had refilled and drained my glass for a third time.  The bottle and glass both empty I realized I hadn’t taking a photo of the golden liquid.  The stormed had enthralled and entranced me, making me think of only enjoying this fleeting moment, this collection of moments, I may never be able to experience again.  The thunderous cacophony and bright flashing lights buffeting my senses had made me lose track of all, except the act of bringing beer to lips.

I expect to be disappointed next time I drink Lagunitas Maximus, as it will never fully capture this wonderful drinking experience.  If it only acts a catalyst, for a way of remembering this night, it will be more than suitable.


Addendum.  As with my other posts on Lagunitas beers, I’ll include the ditty on the label:

“I leaned back with my feet up on my desk.  I read my name backwards on the door and wondered.  Like a bad joke told to a brown-shoed square in the dead of night, it all came rushing back to me.  I thought carefully about getting up from my desk, putting on my new Velarimosa prawn hat, opening the door to the hallway, checking the spelling on my name one more time, closing the door behind me, heading down to the first floor, making my way down the evening street full of worn out proles and pinheads, finding the corrupt pirate pastrami burrito vendor who trades fist fulls of change for volcanic gastritis, continuing to a dark doorway the length of which would lead me to a knuckle worn bar top of mildew and pine, mounting a bow-legged stool and ordering a pint of the nectaral Maximus Ale.  And then I did.  Call us! 1.707.769.4495 Cheers!”

One thought on “Lagunitas Maximus

  1. I love how you captured this moment! I get what you mean when you are entranced in a moment, a feeling and then forget to take the photo. It is kind of cooler that way though 🙂


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