Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg 1664 5.0% ABVKronenbourg 1664
Pale Lager
Brasseries Kronenbourg

What I first noticed when pouring this beer into the glass was a similar skunky smell as when I opened the Heineken I reviewed last week.  I was immediately dismayed and my taste buds recoiled in dread.

Relief washed over me with my first sip, as it was not nearly as bad as Heineken.  While it is not a fine beer, it is a so so one and easily exceeds the low bar set by the likes of Heineken.  It is a notch below Asahi and definitely a step down from Quilmes.  I am beginning to think that the green bottle is part of the problem with the European brews.  Is it possible that the green bottles allow light to pierce through and degrade these beers?  Asahi and Quilmes do come in darker bottles and taste much fresher and crisper.

It is surprising that this brew has such a light taste and a 5% ABV.  Although there is some discrepancy on what the exact ABV of this beer is.  I found multiple sources reporting that the beer has a 5.9% ABV while it says clearly on the bottle that it’s 5.0%.  I didn’t have enough desire (read as: I was too lazy*) to look up and see if they had changed the recipe recently.  I did verify that this beer has been made for over 350 years, dating back to (you guessed it) 1664.

The French are much better known for their wine and should stick with making vino.  France is far superior at putting together a soccer team than they are with brewing beer.  I’m sure the French would much prefer wins in the world cup over winning a taste test by some American beer snob anyway.


*I had every intention of researching this further but instead stayed up all night playing Black Jack during my last night in Vegas and was too tired for research after the long trip home.  Some times in life you have to make tough choices.

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