Asahi 5% ABVAsahi
Asahi Breweries Ltd.

A few years ago, I was persuaded to try an Asahi.  I don’t remember liking the beer nor hating it.  I went into my first sip, today, expecting a bad beer but was pleasantly surprised.  I won’t say this is a great beer, but it is far from reprehensible.  It is thoroughly drinkable and I might even say that I’d have this again.  I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to buy it, but given a limited selection it could be the best out of average options.

I find myself consuming this beer at a quick steady pace.  Not unlike the way that the Japanese team plays it’s soccer (In truth I have never seen the Japanese soccer team play, but I’ve watched, listened and read enough sports related material to make a generic sports pundit sounding analogy).  Asahi is the first surprisingly enjoyable beer I’ve reviewed so far from the “Beers of the World Cup,” and it is by far winning the flavor contest from that group of brews.  It has a nice smooth balance to it with a mild aftertaste this is unique.  The unique aftertaste probably comes from the fact that it’s a rice lager.  Towards the end of the beer the aftertaste does start to wear on the palate, but it’s still acceptable.

The Asahi brewery takes great pride in their technology.  Since first producing Asahi in 1987 there has been a continuous process of innovation and updating of their brewing process, so that the taste of the beer retains it’s crisp and fresh nature.  While Heineken has well over a century of brewing experience they could learn a thing or two from Asahi on how to keep their beers tasting fresh.  Good luck to team Japan, although this article from predicts they don’t have a high probability of advancing to the next round.

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