Corona Extra

A six pack of Corona next to a Mexican soccer ballCorona Extra 4.6% ABV
Pale Lager
Cervecería Modelo

¡Que viva México! The World Cup is finally here! While I’m not Mexican, my wife and her family are and there is nothing finer, for them, than to watch the Mexican national soccer team lace up their cleats (and play of course). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching the U.S. team, but there is no experience like watching fans of a soccer-crazed country like Mexico, watch the sport.

¡Que viva México!

Corona, according to the Beers of the World Cup chart, is the beer most consumed in Mexico. This really is an amazing beer.

Within Mexico it is the most consumed, it is also the best-selling non-domestic beer in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Incredible!

The beer itself is light (amazingly enough, there is a Corona Light), crisp in flavor, and easy to drink. When I’ve been outside in the summer, thirsty for water, but really want to take the edge off (while increasing my body’s need for water), Corona is a very fine choice.

On Father’s Day, I spent half the day outside grilling and could have easily polished off a six-pack if I wanted to without much thought. It’s like water, but better tasting.

¡Que viva México!

When it comes to drinking Corona, don’t forget the lime. By default, Corona straight from the bottle with a wedge of lime shoved into the neck of the bottle is the way to go. The brew tastes best when drunk outside, when the temperature is around 85°F or higher. You want the bottle to sweat and feel extra cold in your hands when you pick it up. I’ve never known how to drink a Corona slowly.

If you want to mix things up a bit, try it in the Michelada style. Add the following to the beer: lime juice, chili powder and other various spices.  You now have a hangover cure as well as, for me, the best preparation for consuming it indoors; the hotter (spicier) the better. We’ll table the discussion about what it says about a beer, if it is commonly used as a mixer for a drink, or served upside down stuck within a margarita.

The common thread with Corona is you should be slightly sweating while consuming it—either due to ambient temperature or the spices mixed in.

¡Que viva México!

With the match versus Brazil just minutes away, how are you going to drink your Corona?

One thought on “Corona Extra

  1. Brandon,

    As a “Shiner Bock Man” I have had a few Corona’s in my day and to say that it is a lite beer is an understatement. I agree that it is too easy to drink a 6 pack without realizing it. I will however stay with Shiner Bock.

    Brian Fischer (Brandon’s Dad)


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