AleSmith X

Alesmith X  5.25% ABVAleSmith X
Extra Pale Ale
Alesmith Brewing Company

I was debating between purchasing the X or the AleSmith Nut Brown.  I had an associate sell me on the X by saying that “it has a tropical flavor to it.”  My interest was piqued and I purchased accordingly.  My intent with that purchase was to review the beer.  Within 2 days of said purchase I found myself desiring a beer to enjoy while watching a basketball game.  Unfortunately, I had no other beer on hand.  Out of desperation I cracked open this beer in front of the TV and not in front of my laptop monitor.  I enjoyed the beer quite a bit and told myself I must buy it again in the very near future so I can do an actual review on it.  Seven months later I’m finally fulfilling that obligation to myself.  Better late than never, the old adage goes, I suppose.

My associate could not have been more correct.  This beer has a wonderful tropical flavor to it, which comes from the notes of citrus and pine.  It is a light, crisp, and easy to drink beer.  AleSmith boasts that it is a versatile beer good for pairing with a variety of foods.  Flavorful enough to go with pub fare and light enough to be enjoyed with soups or salads.  They also recommend pairing it with cheese, including farmhouse cheddar, which is giving me an excuse to buy another bottle of this brew.  I bet they are right and it would go well with any of those foods.  I find it complex enough to be exceedingly enjoyable all on its own, though.  There is a slight bitterness to the beer, but it is far from overpoweringly hoppy.  The hop level is right at the “blown kiss” area and may be just a tease for hop lovers, but the tropical notes make it well worth a try, even for them.

I have a couple other AleSmith beers currently in my “poor man’s beer cellar” (a.k.a. my closet).  Those two are heartier beers and I look forward to reviewing them soon.

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