Fuller’s London Black Cab Stout

Fuller’s London Black Cab Stout 4.5% ABVFuller's London Black Cab Stout
Irish Dry Stout
Fuller Smith & Turner

I pour this into my large mug glass.  It is one of the recommended glasses for this Irish Dry Stout and also the only glass that can hold the full contents of the 16.9oz bottle.    This is a very good, well balance stout.  It has nice tasty chocolate notes that ease into a smooth creamy finish.  This beer could quite possibly be even better than how I’m currently enjoying it.  I was able to get a 12 bottle case of this brew for under $5.  How in the world could I get a case of such a high quality beer at such a low price?  Let me explain.

The “Best Before” date on these bottles is 2/28/2014, which I’m sure you are aware, came and went quite awhile ago.  This meant that they had to put the beer on clearance.  I happened upon the deal and decided it was worth the low monetary risk.  My logic went as follows: Stouts were specifically made to last longer than other beers, so they could make the long voyage from England to other countries.  I made an assumption that this particular stout would hold up for longer than normal beers and that many bottles’ “Best Before” dates are premature of when the product actually goes bad.  Worst case scenario, I would only be out a few dollars if they had in fact gone bad.  I was highly rewarded for my low risk venture and have been enjoying the case for close to 3 weeks now.  I haven’t noticed any deterioration in the quality of the brew in that time frame.  If anything I’m interested in trying out a pint of this brew from a fresh tap whenever I get that chance, to see if it impresses me even more.  This beer is filling but would be a great compliment to some bar appetizers, like fries or chips.

As you may have gathered from the label of the beer, this brew is “Named in honour of that icon of the Capital, the famous London taxi.”  Fuller’s is “London’s only traditional brewery,” located right on the Thames.  Next time you are looking for an authentic London stout grab a Fuller’s London Black Cab Stout.

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