Schlafly Summer Lager

Schlafly Summer Lager 4.5% ABVSchlafly Summer Lager
Helles Lager

This beer is a wonderful Summer brew.  Granted it’s still a month until Summer, it is still an ideal beverage for a beautiful day like today.  The temperature is in the low 70’s the sun is out and the wind is blowing.  This beer is quite tasty out of the mug I poured it into and also great straight from the bottle, the way I will have enjoyed most of the 6 pack.  It is a perfect drink to have while out enjoying the weather and playing horseshoes, washers or as I’ll be enjoying it today, while playing croquet.  It’s has a light alcohol content so you can enjoy a few at a time and the light crisp taste helps refresh you while you drink it.  It has a slight lemony taste to it, which hints at a lemonade flavor.  It is not too sweet like some summer brews though and is expertly made.

It is quite the affordable 6 pack especially for what Schlafly usually charges, only costing $6.99.  I was a bit suspect when I bought this brew, but have been very delighted at how much I’m enjoying it.  I will probably be buying more 6 packs over the course of the next few months as it accentuates spring and summer afternoons and evenings spent outside so well.  It is reminiscent of many American light lagers, not being filling, and having a somewhat similar flavor profile.  Though similar, this brew is far superior to the other light lagers out there, as the flavor character is richer and the notes of lemon and the hint of spice makes it more rewarding to the palate.  Thankfully this Helles style lager is much better than my previous disgustingly disappointing dip into this type of brew, with the Southern Tier Krampus.

Time and time again I’m finding I need to give different breweries and different styles of beer, second and third chances.  Ever brewery has a signature brew that is good even if their others are not, and some breweries are able to make exceptional styles of brews, that another brewery may desecrate.  As I’ve said many times, though possibly never typed on this blog, there are so many beers and so little time.  The adventure is half the fun, so here’s to sampling, tasting and trying out all different beers and a life time of new flavors and experiences.  Cheers!

One thought on “Schlafly Summer Lager

  1. However, with so many Croquet Games and so many beers, I have faith in your ability to review many more of them. I am now on my way home to celebrate 33 years married to your mother today. As I have said many times, we are now on the 3rd Pope since your mother and I were married and each New year’s Day the Pope calls your mother to remind her that she is Pre-Cannoized for Sainthood for being married to me for so long. We were later married in the Catholic Church after you were born (and, although you certainly do not remember, your Uncle Richie and Aunt Christie were holding you (Age 2 months)) when we renewed our vows in the Catholic Church. However, today is the official date 33 years ago. So you and James hoist up a good cold beer tonight and toast your mother and my 33 years of marriage.



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