Busch Signature Copper Lager

Busch Signature Copper Lager 5.7% ABVBusch Signature Copper Lager
American Amber/ Red Lager

Today I’m beer slumming.  I was caught unprepared and far from a decent beer emporium.  So I stopped by a neighborhood corner store and perused the single bottle selection.  I didn’t want to go with a Bud Light, or Miller Lite as I’ve had those many times before.  There were ample options of malt liquors including 40oz bottles, which I hadn’t seen since my college days.  After 5 minutes of searching, which in that store full of regulars made me stick out like even more of a sore thumb, I decided I would have to settle for a Bud Light after all.  Then I saw it, a Busch Signature Copper Lager.  It’s a beer I have never tried before, it has a higher alcohol content than the other beers and most importantly for today was 20 cents cheaper.  I grabbed it, paid with the $2 cash I had on hand which is quite rare and even got some change back.  I now had a 25oz can of beer like substance to enjoy while sitting outside and reading a book, or as it turned out writing up this review.

The beer is light, incredibly light for an amber or red lager.  The flavor does remind me of copper as I am drinking it straight from the can as opposed to pouring it into a glass as per usual.  Even if I had a glass handy, which I don’t, it’s almost impossible to pour beer from a 25oz can without the foam getting out of control or the beer dribbling down the side of the can.  This beer is meant to be consumed straight from the can, so I proceeded accordingly.

Obviously I’m getting what I paid for with the quality of this brew.  This is a beer meant to provide a buzz at a cheap price with nothing else to offer.  There is very low carbonation and no effervescence to speak of.  It’s as if the beer started off half flat before I even popped it open.  It isn’t too filling which is nice and I haven’t become disgusted with the taste yet.  It does feel good to have a nice cold beverage flow into my belly as I feel the warmth of the sun and a nice breeze against my skin.

Getting towards the bottom half of the can, I start to taste the less than savory cheap beer flavor upon my palate, it lingers so, reminding me why I don’t drink these beers anymore.  I deliberate on whether to dump the remaining ounces, but decide to take another gulp.  I tilt the can back taking a big swig and hear the remains inside the can plop back down to the bottom as I quickly return the can to it’s vertical state.  This gulp wasn’t quite as bad, but I think that’s only due to my liver being unable to fully process the alcohol now.  I should have had a few more bites of my lunch.

I now decide to finish off the can in a few copious droughts so I don’t have to deal with it any longer and can soak up the beautiful remains of the afternoon, that is slowly but surely fading into night.  Though the days last longer as summer approaches, dusk and darkness always come, until that day when the sun expands and consumes us all: Mercury, Venus, the Earth and its moon.  I consume this beer while hoping that we, the human race, have survived millions of generations hence to worry about that brutal day and have found safe passage to another inhabitable planet for us all to call home.

I only recommend this beer if you are desperate, have only a couple bucks in you pocket and it is the end of the world.  In all other cases, make a wiser choice.

One thought on “Busch Signature Copper Lager

  1. And why did you not opt for a 40oz of Old English which is all that is is “cracked up to be”- “A buzz in a bottle”. At least you would have gotten your $2.00 worth got a decent buzz on and known what you were buying.



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