Mendocino Red Tail Ale

Red Tail Ale 6.1% ABVRed Tail Ale
Red Ale
Mendocino Brewing Co.

The old saying “third time’s the charm” is most apropos in my experience with Mendocino Brewing.  After my “meh inducing” experience with Eye of the Hawk, and my only slightly better adventure with Black Hawk Stout, I decided to give Mendocino one more chance.  The fact that the Red Tail Ale was on clearance and my wallet was severely depleted happened to be strong factors in my decision.  I didn’t even bother with writing up a review with my first 6 pack of this brew.  I found myself buying another and then another 6 pack and realized that Mendocino must be doing something right if I kept going back to the well for this one.  So I decided I need to give the brewery its proper due, when I actually enjoyed one of their offerings.

There isn’t much in the way of a nose on this beer, other than a common beer scent.  It has a nice rewarding character in the taste.  The flavor is that of a well made red ale.  It isn’t overly filling and the dry finish doesn’t linger in an unwanted manner.  It’s a solid beer.  Great to have on hand when playing cards, watching TV, or just to pop open and relax with after a hard day at work.  I understand why this is Mendocino’s flagship beer.  Mendocino uses their “own special proprietary yeast strain” to brew this ale, so good luck duplicating it for those home brew types.  Mendocino has finally worn me down and won me over with one of their offerings.  Next time you are craving a Red Ale, I recommend you reach for the Red Tail Ale.  Grab one for your friend while you are at it; trust me they won’t mind a bit.

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