Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock 4.4% ABVShiner Bock
Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner Week – Day 5 (Technically it’s the eight day since I started Shiner week. I had a busy weekend.  Give me a break, or you get a full refund for this post.)

The party was to be the last that we threw at La Fiesta, our humble apartment complex in college.  I had never had a full beer before.  I had never gotten drunk at any of the parties we had thrown before.  Both streaks were to come to an end.  We ordered a Shiner keg and plenty of red solo cups for the night, hence the picture to your right.  I had someone fill me up a cup, with a large foamy head.  I took a gulp and was horrified at the taste.  Wow I didn’t like beer, but I had made up my mind.  I was going to get drunk at our last party and it was going to be from beer.  I chugged down cup after cup of this amber bock.  I became inebriated and at one point, had a good friend shave my head.  That night changed my life.  I’ve had a shaved head ever since, and I’ve been a beer drinker ever since.  It’s amazing how one night can have such a strong impact on the rest of one’s life.

Though I detested the taste of Shiner Bock that evening, I quickly learned to love it.  I look back on that night with fond nostalgia.  I finally threw off the chains of pretending I wasn’t going bald and also embraced beer in all its majesty.  I have had Shiner Bock innumerable times since.  I’ve had it at other parties in red solo cups.  I’ve had it on draft at a bar.  I’ve had it straight from the bottle at BBQs.  I’ve had it from a can at a concert.  I’ve had it at home while eating a microwave dinner and watching some TV.  Shiner Bock goes with any occasion, any situation.  If you want a solid beer that will leave you satisfied Shiner Bock never disappoints.

Shiner Bock is one of the few things that the men in my family can agree upon.  I like to try different crazy and interesting beers, the names of which make my brother and father shudder in horror at.  Not so with Shiner Bock.  My brother, who is primarily a Bud Light guy, will gladly enjoy a Shiner Bock or two.  My father’s favorite beer of all time is Shiner Bock.  He likes to call it the “National beer of Texas”, even though technically, Lone Star beer has trademarked that slogan.  If you have never tried a Shiner Bock, stop everything and run to the nearest store and buy a 6 pack.  Seriously, stop reading and go now.  If you have tried Shiner Bock and have one on hand open it and drink while you read, if you aren’t already doing so.

Shiner Bock is a smooth delicious dark beer.  It was first made back in 1913, pre Prohibition era.  It came out as a seasonal brew.  In 1973, due to the raucous clamoring of fans of this brew, Spoetzl brewery made it into a year round offering.  While Spoetzl brewery has done many amazing things over the last hundred plus years it’s been operating, their decision to make Shiner Bock available 365 days a year has to rank # 1.

The Shiner Family Reunion pack is at an incredible 4 for 5.  Not only does it have a high batting average it completed the cycle, going for a single, double, triple and, with Shiner Bock, a homerun hit out of the park.  If you see this variety pack, you’d be well advised to buy at least one.  You’ll enjoy some wonderful beers, and you can always pawn off the one you don’t like on a friend.  Who’s going to complain about a free beer, especially one made at the Spoetzl brewery?

5 thoughts on “Shiner Bock

  1. Brandon,

    You are correct in your evaluation. Even though Lone Star has patented the name “The National Beer of Texas” it can’t hold a candle to Shiner Bock.



  2. Did you get gyp’ed on the number of beers in your “6-pack”, or did you lose count? Methinks you should start over.

    Next time you come to a Shiner family reunion, swap out the Kosmos for a 966 from the singles rack. But, don’t break up a nuther full 966 sixer…that would be rude.


    • The last one in the 6 pack was the Shiner Hefeweizen. I greatly dislike Hefewiezens. There has only been one I’ve enjoyed. I appreciate Shiner too much to bash one of their brews based solely upon my palate’s unfortunate dislike of that style of beer.

      I think I’ve had the Shiner FM 966 before, but it’s been years. I need to give that one another go. Yes, it would be very rude to break up a full sixer, wouldn’t think of it.





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