Shiner 101

Shiner 101 4.6% ABVShiner 101
Czech Pilsner
Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner Week – Day 3

The Spoetzl brewery waited 101 years to make this delightful Pilsner.  I’m glad they didn’t wait a second longer.  They went back to basics when they made this beer starting in 2010 as part of their small batch Brewer’s Pride Craft Brew series.  This Czech-Style Pilsner is made with only four simple ingredients: barley, hops, water and yeast.  A beer can be like a good chicken breast; sometimes you don’t need a lot of fancy seasonings.  Just use some butter, salt and pepper and you have a delicious entrée.  So it goes with this pilsner.  The small ingredient list provides a beer that is light and exceptionally crisp with a nice clean finish.  There is the smallest touch of a bite at the very tail end of the beer.  Just as the salt and pepper on that chicken breast lures you from one bite to the next, so too this pilsner is half way gone before you realize it.  I can’t ever remember having such a refreshingly good pilsner.  It’s ideal for a hot Texas day and yet is still satisfying me when I’m stuck indoors with five inches of snow outside and the temperature plummeting to below zero, here in Illinois.  If you see a Shiner Family Reunion pack with the Shiner 101 grab as many as you can, for sadly it’s the only way you can buy this one.  Even if you have to suffer with a Shiner Kosmos Reserve, the 101 makes up for any less than stellar beer in the variety pack.

Well the Spoetzl brewery continues to enhance its batting average with its Family Reunion 6 pack.  It’s currently sitting at 2 for 3.  Let’s see if the trend of my increasing enjoyment can be sustained, with the remaining beers.

For some fun videos that you can listen to in English or Czech go to

One thought on “Shiner 101

  1. Once again: Go Texas! How about that UT Basketball Team! #15 in the country and won 7 in a row. I guess Rick Barnes’ job is now safe”



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