Shiner Kosmos Reserve

Shiner Kosmos Reserve 5% ABVShiner Kosmos Reserve
American Pale Lager
Spoetzl Brewery

With a late Monday night start, I introduce you to Shiner Week.

I bought the Shiner Family Reunion 6 pack and will be posting a review each day this week of one of the beers from that variety 6 pack.  Tonight I will start with the Shiner beer named after the man who started it all for Shiner, Kosmos Spoetzl.  To learn more about Kosmos and the history of the Spoetzl brewery check out my reviews of Shiner Ruby Redbird and Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale.  Now let’s get to the drinking.

As much as I would like to say I enjoyed the first sip, I can’t.  This beer is a bit too sour for my taste.  The hops used for this “hopjacked” lager are not appealing to me, at all.  The aroma the hops created are off putting and the taste makes me think of a skunky light European beer.  I’ve tried the beer on its own and also with food and whichever way you pour it, I’m not a fan.  I will say that it’s very different from the other Shiner offerings I’ve had and it’s unique from most all beers I’ve tried.  Unfortunately, its uniqueness is the only redeeming quality that I can muster to mention.  The good people at Shiner are letting down Kosmos by giving his name to one of their inferior beers.  It actually gets worse as I continue to drink it.  For all the good beers the Spoetzl Brewery puts out this one definitely falls into the “swing and a miss” category, or as I like to say “swig and a miss.”  I respect them for trying though, especially given their high batting average.  Thankfully there is only one of these per Family Reunion 6 pack.  I’m glad I tried it, but will be hard pressed to drink another.  Here’s hoping tomorrow’s choice suits my palate better.  If you have tried this one and disagree with my take, please let me know by posting a scathing comment of my review, below.

2 thoughts on “Shiner Kosmos Reserve

  1. That’s my biggest fear when trying a new beer from them. I like the original, their Hefe, the FM 966, etc, but alway been afraid of discovering a bad one. Thanks for keeping me away from it.


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