Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam Beer  4.9% ABVAnchor Steam Beer
Steam Beer
Anchor Brewing

It was a crisp late winter night. With a few friends, I walked down the street from my apartment to Double Dave’s Pizzaworks.  It was a Sunday, which meant it was “all you can eat buffet” from open to close.  In college there was nothing better than grabbing five pepperoni rolls and five slices of pizza and alternating between the two until my belly was overly full.  The only way to enhance the experience was to add beer to the equation.  I had just recently started drinking beer and was feeling adventurous.  They had Anchor Steam beer on tap, so I decided to give it a try.  My experience with beer was limited to Bud Light, Miller Lite and Shiner Bock.  To my novice palate Anchor Steam was incredibly bitter, but man was it delicious.  It was a perfect pairing with the pizza and pepperoni rolls.

A few months back I noticed that my local beer purveyor had 6 packs of Anchor Steam consistently on hand.  The trademark anchor label caught my eye and immediately brought that pleasing college memory to the forefront of my mind.  I realized that I had never had another Anchor Steam since.  I thought about buying the 6 pack but the $9.99 price made me hesitate.  “Another time,” I thought to myself.  Trip after trip, I would convince myself to pick out another beer and pass on the Anchor Steam.  With so many things in life, trying to recreate the first time you experience something great, tends to be a letdown, as it doesn’t quite hold up.  I didn’t want my wonderful nostalgia to be shattered by a less than satisfying recreation.  Finally after months of floundering, the craving grew too strong and I decided the potential reward was well worth the risk.

I ordered a pepperoni pizza from Godfather pizza, to my taste buds the most pleasing of chain pizza in Springfield, Ill.  I sat down with two slices and poured myself a glass of Anchor Steam Beer.  The amber color and thick creamy head was just as I had remembered.  I took a sip of beer and was pleased with the nice medium body and full flavor.  It was not nearly as bitter as I had remembered but this was not a disappointment, as I have experienced numerous more highly bitter beers since my college days.  I took a large bite of pizza and then a big swig of beer.  It hit me all at once; the luxuriant sensation of wonderful taste on my tongue, the wonderful feeling of nostalgia rushing over me while simultaneously experiencing it all in the present.  It was not a disappointment, rather exactly what I had craved which, due to my lowered expectations, exceeded my hopes.  The cheesy pepperoni goodness augmented the bitter steam beer flavor and vice versa.  Bite after swig, swig after bite, I was transported.  My college memory was now enhanced and added to by this new sampling.

There is nothing quite like recreating a fond memory from bygone years and having it live up to the hype one’s mind has created.  Next time you feel like beer and pizza, grab an Anchor Steam and create a memory of your own.  It will be a memory worth coming back to.  Cheers!

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