Bridgeport Hop Czar

Bridgeport Hop Czar 7.5% ABVBridgeport Hop Czar
Imperial IPA

I made my way to the market.  It was a Tuesday.  Not a day usual for visitors, let alone visiting dignitaries.  I went about my business and with no fanfare at all, he appeared, the Hop Czar.  He had come from a distant desperate land, bearing vast quantities of his homemade elixir.  His was a story of woe and distress.  His land thought to be quite fertile, an opportune place for the raising of profitable and numerous crops, was found to be nothing but a wasteland. It was good for nothing, except the growth of the hop.  All other vegetation was choked out and over run by this bitter hop.  No matter how often they cleared the land of the hop, no matter how much they tilled the soil and rooted it out, the hop would take over and flourish to no end.  The Czar, desperate to help the plight of his hungry people, did all he could.  He turned the only flourishing plant of his land into the main ingredient of his new brew.  He threw in over two pounds of the whole leaf hop cones in every barrel of his ale.

He, along with his people, had become sick of the sight, smell and taste of the plant even after turning it into a useful drink.  He now traveled vast distances in an attempt to sell this potent bitter brew, so he could buy sustenance for his people.  He thought so little of his beverage that he sold it for the lowest of price, using the meager profits to procure proper food and wine to bring back to his land.

After months of travel and little to show for it he came upon our land, and to his great surprise our people loved his bitter floral beer.  We had only ever had the faintest taste of a hoppy brew, as hops were a rare plant in our region.  The flavor was so unique and surprising, and he was selling it for such a pittance that our men where filling their arms and wagons with as much as they could carry.  The Hop Czar, with his crown of gold dipped dried hops and his giant petrified hop scepter, received an outpouring of compassion from our people, after we heard his tale of woe.  We gave him extra horses and wagons. We loaded them down with barrels of wine, dried meats, grain and livestock for him to return home with, in exchange for all that remained of his beer.  We also made a pact with him.  We would henceforth become trade partners, exchanging grain and wine for his elixir.  Our two lands prospered together through the ages, and the Hop Czar is now a legend in both our realms.

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