Southern Tier Gemini

Southern Tier Gemini 9% ABVSouthern Tier Gemini
Imperial Blended Ale
Southern Tier

I poured this beer into a wide mouth wine glass.  It has a subtly sweet nose.  The Amarillo aroma hops provide a flowery and spicy scent with a nice orange bouquet.  After a few sips, I’m more intrigued than overly impressed.  It is not providing my palate with the same exuberant delight as the Southern Tier Warlock.  It does captivate my attention with every continued sip, though.  The front of the beer has an earthy, slight hoppy pale ale taste to it, which flows into a lighter quality.  The bottle advertises that the beer is made of “50% Unfiltered Hoppe + 50% Unearthly.”  The beer genuinely has two distinct characteristics blended into one appealing brew.  Each sip seems to bring out a different aspect of the two.  The slight bitterness of the unfiltered hoppe flows through to the back end, which then surprisingly provides a light crisp aftertaste that pulls at the tail of the brew.  The Gemini name for the beer is most apropos.  This beer is light and crisp at one moment and then hoppy and tasting of a dark ale at the next.  The two parts of the beer don’t fight with one another but rather dance with your taste buds, with each taking the lead at different turns.

As with every Southern Tier I have reviewed thus far, the high alcohol content is impressively imperceptible.  The beer is a joy to consume and provides a delightful buzz as well.  The mission of this brew “is to travel high & take passengers on a journey far into the heavens!”  While this brew was not a voyage through space in time, its blended constituents did transport my palate to a place of dual and responsive flavors.  This mid winter seasonal is like no other beer I have ever had.  Right when I have discovered this beer, I have learned it has been retired from production.  If I can track down anymore I’ll be buying up what is left.  This unique brew was name in part for the Gemini program that lasted from 1962-1966.   It executed two man missions of training in earth orbit in preparation for the Apollo space programs.  Sadly and much to my regret, both this beer and the U.S. manned space program has been retired.  Hopefully both will be re-commissioned at some time in the near future.

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