Tall Grass Pub Ale

Tall Grass Pub Ale 4.4% ABVTall Grass Pub Ale
English Mild Ale
Tall Grass

This beer has a decent nose to it and a classic brown hue.  The retro label harkens back to the old English Pub Ale roots from which it is descended from.  The smooth character of the beer pervades the entire drinking experience, from first sip to last gulp.  There is a bit of sweetness and about half way through the pint I noticed a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste.  It is a very easy to drink beer and not too filling.  It goes great with food, specifically the black pepper chicken and fried rice I’m currently eating.  I imagine it would be a wonderful compliment to a good burger and fries, or fish and chips if you want to have an authentic English pub experience.  It is also a great stand alone beer.  The creamy flavor and smoothness keeps you coming back for more and with the lower alcohol content, it allows you to have a few without getting sloppy drunk.  This would be a great brew to have at a pub or to share with some friends at home.  There is no let up in the taste of this brew.  It is a consistently great experience throughout.  If you see Tall Grass Pub Ale or their Buffalo Sweat, which I also reviewed, buy a four pack or try it on draft.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tall Grass continues to surpass my expectations.  This Pub Ale was the first beer they made as a brewing company.  They are well on their way to becoming one of my favorite breweries.  I may have to make a trip to Manhattan, Kansas so I can take a tour of their outfit.  Be prepared for more reviews of their offerings soon.  I’m still waiting anxiously for their Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat to make it to the shelf of my nearest alcohol emporium.

One thought on “Tall Grass Pub Ale

  1. And so what is an alcohol emporium? In Texas we call it a liquor store. Unless you mean Spec’s. The it may qualify as a REAL TEXAS LIQUOR STORE that sells all types of beer.


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