Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Black Butte Porter 5.2% ABV
Deschutes Brewery

My intention was to step into the Brick House Bar and Grill where I had done a review before.  When I walked in the door they were packed and there was a wait for a table.  I immediately turned around and exited.  I started heading north on 5th street.  I passed two to three bars, all of which were closed.  I continued on and almost walked right past Marly’s Pub.  It looked pretty empty but it was open.  The place was quite dark and had an older feel to it.  The stools and chairs were wood just like both bars.  It reminded me of Paddy’s Pub from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, which made me like the place even more.  I walked in and went up to the well worn bar situated right in the middle of the room.  I asked what was on tap and the first beer mentioned was this porter.  I had never had it before so I went ahead and bought a glass.  The only downside to the place was that there were no tables for me set up at. It enhanced the atmosphere of the place though.  Fortunately there was a secondary bar that was not being used and no one was sitting at, so I commandeered it for myself.  Sitting on a backless bar stool I opened up my laptop and began the review.

This beer has a nice chocolate taste to it and has a surprisingly smooth light clean finish.  There is a lot of flavor up front followed by the smooth follow through.  This is my first review of a porter and as good as this one is, it won’t be my last.  I’m only a 1/3rd the way through the beer but so far it is not very filling.  I could see myself ordering another one after I finish this one.  There is a sports bar that connects to this place through a short narrow hallway, where they have 3 great NBA games playing on multiple TVs.  Thankfully I’m sitting just out of sight of the games; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get any typing done.

I am able to pick up on more of the hop bitterness on the front of the beer as I get halfway through it.  It’s not that complex but I’m also comparing it to the Warlock that I recently reviewed.  Although, with the last couple of sips I just took, I am able to parse out more of the complexity.  Half way through the glass, the aftertaste is where I’m noticing the complex flavors of the brew.  The complexity becomes more and more noticeable through out the last half of the glass.  The smooth creamy finish has been usurped by the complex aftertaste and I’m now able to grasp the roasted flavor of the brew.  Having finished the beer it leaves me appropriately satisfied.  This is a good solid beer, perfect for any pub setting.

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