Bridgeport India Pale Ale

Bridgeport India Pale Ale 5.5% ABVBridgeport IPA
Bridgeport Brewing Company

I poured this brew into an authentic Bridgeport India Pale Ale glass as you can see from the picture.  I first tried this beer about 7 years ago.  It was a Wednesday night and I had been invited to meet up with some friends at a local bar in Austin, Texas. They told me Wednesday nights were free pint glass nights at this bar.  As I’m always a sucker for free merchandise, especially a good beer glass, I joined them.  The bar I speak of is the Draught House, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary tomorrow, Saturday, October 26th.  On that particular Wednesday night they were promoting Bridgeport India Pale Ale.  I was still a novice beer drinker at the time and didn’t know the difference between an ale, a lager or a stout, let alone what an IPA was.  The extent of my beer knowledge was that Guinness was much darker than a Bud Light.  I didn’t care what beer I was going to drink though, as long as I got that free glass.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed many beers from that glass but never that same particular IPA, until just a few weeks ago.  I was at the store looking for some beer to buy and saw this brew on sale.  I grabbed a 6 pack; since it was the best deal I could find and went home.  As I opened up the freezer to retrieve a frosty glass to pour my newly purchased beer into, I noticed something.  The logo on the glass was the same logo of the beer I was about to pour into it; what a happy coincidence.  It only took 7 years and moving over 900 miles away for me to experience again this stellar IPA from a glass made specifically for this brew.

This beer has a strong character from the first sip.  It has just the right amount of hoppiness that you want from an IPA.  It’s a complex brew that provides a lot for the palate.  There is a bite as you first taste it, which flows into a complex body and then ends with a surprisingly smooth finish.  The finish leaves a hint of the initial bite which makes you want to have another sip.  The beer continues to satisfy as you work you way through the glass.  If you are a fan of IPAs, I highly recommend picking up a 6 pack or two.  My only regret is that I didn’t buy a case of this when I had the chance.  Within two weeks the store I had bought it from had run out of this satisfying brew.

Bridgeport boasts that this beer is naturally conditioned and double fermented in every bottle, keg or cask.  I’m not entirely sure what all that means, but damn if it doesn’t sound good.  Whatever process they are using it definitely works.  Bridgeport Brewing Company has given me another reason to visit Portland, outside of the great IFC show Portlandia.  I look forward to trying out their other brews.

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