Bud Light

Bud Light 4.2% ABVBud Light
Light Lager

There I was, all set up and ready to do a review on a regional craft beer.  I had my laptop prepared at the table with the Thursday Night NFL game on in the background.  I poured the beer into a nice clean glass and was ready to start the review process.  I held up the beer to the light so I could give a nice description of the color.  To my puzzlement, I saw odd particulate matter floating in the beer.  It seemed strange to me, but I figured it was just the spices and ingredients that made the brew special.  I then took a sip.  The taste seemed off.  I took one more sip.  The beer was flat and tasted awful.  Given this and the odd flotsam, I took a look at the bottling date and realized that this beer had expired, awhile ago.  I had held onto the beer for way too long.  As it was late, already into the 3rd quarter of the game, and I was in my pajamas, I made an audible and went with the only play I had available.  I snatched one of my brother’s Bud Lights.

The first thing I noticed in reviewing this beer is the easy open twist off cap.  It’s a nice change not having to use a bottle opener.  The beer has a nice clear golden color that you can see through.  Most importantly, it had nothing floating in it, except for the bubbles of carbonation.  It is crisp, light, and incredibly easy to drink.  There is no aftertaste to speak of which provides for an easy finish.  The hint of flavor is just enough to make the beer not bland.  As all the commercials imply, it is a great brew to drink while watching a football game.  Its light un-filling nature makes it an ideal beverage to drink with a meal or appetizers while watching said game at a bar with friends, or when having a game watching party at home.  There isn’t a lot to rave about with this beer, at the same time there isn’t much to complain about either.  I can understand why this beer is one of the top selling beers in the U.S.  It does the job that people want from it without upsetting anyone’s taste buds.  It’s my brother’s favorite beer, and I’m glad that’s the case, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to review.  Let’s hope I do a better job of having interesting beers to review for next week’s posts.

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