Spaten Oktoberfest

Spaten Oktoberfest  5.9% ABVSpaten Oktoberfest
Spaten Munchen

A rich amber color invites the eye as you pour this brew into a mug.  As with the other Oktoberfest style beers I’ve reviewed it has a nice light crisp first taste.  Unlike the others, this one has much more depth to its flavor as well as more complexity.  It has similar notes to the Paualaner Oktoberfest, but they are richer and more flavorful.  Only a few sips in, I can emphatically state that this is my favorite Oktoberfest beer.  The finish is smooth (PPA*) with an essence of spices I can’t quite place, which draws you back for further inspection.  This brew simply has more to offer the taste-buds than the others of it’s type.  It is amazing on its own or light enough to go with a meal.  (It’s an excellent pairing with my sister in law’s beef stew).  Unlike the Paulaner it doesn’t cry out for a soft pretzel, but would certainly be good with one too.  It’s great straight from the bottle or from a glass or a mug.  The last sip left me quite satisfied.  This is a versatile beer that goes well with most any situation.   It’s no overstatement to say, this is the best Oktoberfest brew bar none, and once you’ve had one, you’ll agree.

I recommend that you buy a 12 pack of this brew, maybe even two.  I only bought a 6 pack and will be rectifying my mistake today.  I’m definitely getting 12 more bottles of this exquisite beer.  Oktoberfest is almost over and soon they’ll be gone.  Just because Oktoberfest is almost at an end, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these throughout the whole month of October.  Go grab some today, that way you can have one on Halloween.  That’s definitely my plan.

If you haven’t check out my brief synopsis of Oktoberfest, do me a solid and read it here.

*PPA stands for Pretentious Prick Alert.  This acronym will appear before the use of highfalutin words that make it look like I know what I’m talking about, when in actuality I have no clue what I’m talking about.

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