Sam Adams Octoberfest

Samuel Adams Octoberfest 5.3% ABVSam Adams Octoberfest
Samuel Adams

The Sam Adams Octoberfest is the first of the Oktoberfest seasonal beers I’ll be reviewing.  It has a nice and easy flavor upon initial taste out of the bottle.  I couldn’t wait for the foam to die down as I poured some into a chilled glass.  So I went ahead and finished off what was left, straight from the bottle.  The finish is mostly smooth with a bit of an after taste that must come from the blend of five roasted malts they use.  Its character makes one think of fall and the changing of leaves.  It’s a lot easier to drink than I was expecting an Oktoberfest brew to be, nice and crisp.  Many people wait all year for the Oktoberfest brews and Pumpkin Ales to arrive.  I am enjoying this one, but can’t say that I’m blown away.  I don’t think I’ll buy another 6 pack of this beer, but it does make me want to try the Octoberfest or Oktoberfest beers of different breweries.  I would definitely recommend this beer if you are out at dinner or at a bar and they have it on tap.  If you buy a 6 pack you could easily drink more than one in a sitting as it’s not heavy or filling.  All in all it’s a good but not great beer.  It would be a good 6 pack or 12 pack to grab and share with friends around a bonfire.  Hopefully I’ll be more impressed by the other fall seasonal beers made by competing breweries.

Samuel Adams beer has a history going back six generations.  In 1984 Jim Koch decided it was time to get into the craft beer business and with his father’s help located his family’s old recipes from the time before Prohibition.  In 1985 Samuel Adams Boston Lager made its debut and the following demand propelled the Samuel Adams label to what it is today.

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