Guinness Foreign Extra

Guinness Foreign Extra 7.5% ABV
Export Stout
Guinness Ltd.

So I was able to get a four pack of this brew for $2.99.  I had to give it a try for that price.  I thought to myself “If it’s a Guinness beer it has to be good, right?”  Well I now know why it was selling for such a low price.

I poured it into an authentic Guinness draught pint glass that my dad brought me back from England.  The Foreign Extra comes in 11.2 ounce bottles so the bottle didn’t fill up the glass, but boy does the head expand on this beer.  The head alone filled up the remainder of the pint glass after the pour.  It has the smooth initial taste and flavor of most Guinness beers, but the aftertaste wears on the palate as you continue to drink it.  It’s too bitter and just too harsh.  I’m guessing the higher than average ABV is what gives it the harsh aftertaste.  It’s not very complex, and the smooth initial taste has an abrupt transition into the aforementioned harsh after taste.  It also sits very heavy in the stomach.  I don’t recommend pairing this with cheese as the cheese cleanses the palate and with this beer you want the taste buds to stay knocked out.  I could see this working well with a hearty stew on a cold winter’s night.  When you want that hearty full feeling and can use the higher alcohol content to relax after a hard day’s work in the bitter cold outside.  I would highly recommend against sharing this beer with a friend.  I made that mistake and caused more trouble than good tidings even when I was the buyer.

All in all, I don’t recommend buying this brew and if someone offers it to you, be weary of what you are getting into. If it’s late January or early February and you’ve been helping your friend with some outdoor labor and he offers you one with a nice warm meal containing copious amounts of potatoes,  you can accept his hospitality without having to grimace too much in between gulps.

Guinness has been brewing beer for over 200 years out of Dublin, Ireland, as they are one of the most highly world renowned breweries, I won’t bore you with any further details.

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