Tuckerman Pale Ale

Tuckerman Pale Ale 5.3% ABV
American Style Pale Ale
Tuckerman Brewing Company

I ran into some trouble when reviewing this brew.  I made the mistake of storing it horizontally in a mini fridge, due to space constraints.  (Yes, I made the same storage mistake with two Tuckerman offerings.  If you’d like to laugh at my incompetence some more, check out my review of their Headwall Alt.)  This caused some sediment to end up in my beer when I poured it into a glass.  My first sip was a mouthful of yeasty debris, which utterly ruined my enjoyment of the rest.  Thankfully, I had 3 more bottles of this beer.  I made sure to store the remaining bottles upright and subsequently was able to thoroughly enjoy this mellow Pale Ale.  I was able to taste the mild notes of lemon, orange and pear, which give it a nice citrus aftertaste.  It’s a smooth beer from first taste all the way through to the last.  It’s neither heavy nor is it light.  It’s a nice solid beer that can be enjoyed on its own, with no need for food to accentuate it.  This beer could work as a nice cold refreshing beer during the summer and it has enough substance to be enjoyed during the winter as well.  I agree with Tuckerman’s claim, that it is “well suited for any season.”  I’m starting to wonder if the beer I had earlier with all the sediment was a fluke bottle, and not just due to my improper storage.  (Who am I kidding?)  Either way, I would recommend buying a 6 pack or even a 12 pack of this brew.  You could definitely have 2-3 in one sitting while hanging out with some friends.  This solid Pale Ale was Tuckerman’s first release beer, back in 1998.

Tuckerman Brewing Company is one of a small number of breweries in the country that uses Maine grown barley.  It also uses pure and crystal clear water which comes from an aquifer feed by the Swift River, of the White Mountains.  The regional barley and local water, along with it’s designation as a “green brewery”are points of pride for Tuckerman Brewing Company.

Special thanks to my sister and her husband. They gave me a variety 12 pack of microbrews for my birthday, which included this beer.

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