Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale 5.5% ABV
American Pale Ale
Spoetzl Brewery

I was able to find a 6 pack of this brew for $3.99 in Illinois.  I’ve never been able to get a Shiner beer for that kind of price back in Texas, where I was born and raised.  I can’t remember trying this one before; although I’m sure I have had it at a party in the past.  I’m a fan of pale ales and for that price and a reminder of home; I had to pick up a 6 pack.   

The first sip is not the most enjoyable, but your palate adjusts after about a 1/4th a bottle.  It has a bitter aftertaste, which is too malty for me.  While I’m usually a fan of bitter beers, the balance is off with this pale ale.  I can’t say exactly where the balance is wrong as I’m no expert when it comes to beers, or anything else for that matter.  This is definitely a beer best had with a meal, so as to off set the flavor of the brew.  It’s light enough so you don’t feel bloated or full after having a couple, at least.  I’d recommend trying it if you see one at a party or a BBQ.  It would also be worth trying out as part of a Shiner variety pack.  This is my least favorite Shiner beer, but considering how much I enjoy Shiner’s offerings, it’s not much of an insult.  Maybe the reason I was able to get it at such a good deal, is because many others share my view of this brew.

The best part of this beer is the wacky old school educational style TV ads Shiner made to promote it.  Below is an example:

The Spoetzl Brewery is located in the heart of Shiner, Texas.  For a brief history of the brewery’s founding years check out my review of the Shiner Ruby Redbird.  During Prohibition, starting in 1920, the brewery stayed open making ice and birch beer which was known to some as “near beer”.  Legend has it that Kosmos Spoetzl continued producing Shiner Premium for the local farmers throughout the Prohibition years.  It is unknown how truthful this legend is, wink wink.  The Spoetzl brewery was one of only five Texas breweries to survive through to 1933 and the end of Prohibition.

4 thoughts on “Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

  1. I tried one of these this week hoping to have a counter-review, but I don’t have much to add on this one. The balance wasn’t there for me. Not bad, just okay.


    • Saw on Untappd that you had one and was curious of your thoughts. Hopefully as you work through that Shiner Family Reunion pack, you’ll have a differing opinion than me on one or two of them.


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