Big Muddy Saluki Dunkeldog

Saluki Dunkeldog 5.4% ABVSaluki Dunkeldog
Dark Amber
Big Muddy Brewing

It was a balmy mid summer afternoon, when I walked into the Brickhouse Grill and Pub in downtown Springfield, Ill.  After sitting down, I asked the waitress what beers they had on tap.  Along with the usual national brands, she mentioned Saluki Dunkeldog.  Having never heard of this one, my decision was made.  “I’ll have a draft of the Dog one.” I said.  A few moments later she brought it to the table in a frosty glass and the dark hue of the beer was immediately an inviting sight.  This is a dark amber that Big Muddy Brewing refers to as “what happens when an American Amber meets a German Dunkel.”  Whatever they want to call it, it’s flavorful from the moment it first washes over your tongue.  It has a bit of a bite which is followed by a hint of sweetness as it flows down your throat.  It’s a smooth and easy to drink beer that is flavor packed enough that you don’t want to waste it by gulping it down.  It’s a beer worth savoring.  It’s a great compliment to a meal, not too light and not too heavy.  It was an especially delicious pairing with the Brickhouse’s tasty french-fries.  I finished my meal and my last gulp of this brew left me very satisfied.  I can see myself going back to the well for this one when I see it on tap.

Big Muddy Brewing began production in 2009 in Murphysboro, Ill.  It was the first brewery to call home to Murphysboro in over 50 years.  The founder, a graduate of Southern Illinois University, had started home brewing with his buddies while attending college.  The hobby turned into a profession and he has been putting out delicious brews for 4 years now.

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