Shiner Ruby Redbird

Shiner Ruby Redbird 4.35% ABVShiner Ruby Redbird
Summer Seasonal
Spoetzl Brewery

It says right on the label “The perfect summer brew.”  Where I’m from, summer means sweltering heat.  So in order to appropriately review this brew, I made sure to sit outside on a sunny day when the temperature reached 90 degrees.  Thankfully I was not disappointed by the claim of their slogan.  It is a very light beer, which goes down quite smoothly.  I was a bit hesitant about the grapefruit and ginger used in the making of this beer, as I’m not a fan of either.  Those ingredients go surprising well together though, to produce a very refreshing elixir.  There is a hint of the grapefruit as you first take a drink (PPA*) and then just a soupçon of ginger with the after taste.  It’s an optimal drink to take in while basking or baking in the heat.  The lower ABV is ideal when you are drinking a few while you are sweating at the beach, on a boat or just in your backyard tossing washers or horseshoes.  There is no heavy aftertaste and unlike a lot of flavored beers it doesn’t have an artificial syrupy taste.  For those who are Texas proud, all the grapefruit used to make this beer comes from the Rio Grande Valley.

The Ruby Redbird would go really well with chips and/or a cold cut sandwich.  It’s a perfect brew for a Memorial Day or Labor Day BBQ, or any of the summer days in-between.  It’s great straight from the bottle with no need to pour it into a glass.  Yet again, the Spoetzl brewery has made another tremendous beer.  Next time its 90 degrees or above outside and you are looking for a crisp refreshing brew, I highly recommend this one.  In the same vein of the old Lays chip commercial, I bet you can’t drink just one.

There are some discrepancies on various websites as to the ABV for this beer.  I emailed the Spoetzl brewery and received the following reply “The target specification for Ruby Redbird is 4.35% ABV, but due to process variation may vary between 4.20-4.50%.”

The Spoetzl Brewery is located in the heart of Shiner, Texas.  It’s history dates back to  1909 when recent German and Czech immigrants founded the Shiner Brewing Association.  Shiner Bock, currently their most popular beer, was first introduced in 1913 as a seasonal beer.  In 1914 the brewing association recruited Kosmos Spoetzl, to become their first brew master.  The rest, so to speak, is history.  To read some about the Spoetzl Brewery history during the Prohibition era, check out my review of Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale.

*PPA stands for Pretentious Prick Alert.  This acronym will appear before the use of highfalutin words that make it look like I know what I’m talking about, when in actuality I have no clue what I’m talking about.

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