Chimay Red

Chimay Red Cap 7% ABVChimay Red
Abbey Dubbel
Chimay Peres Trappistes

I poured my Chimay Red into a narrow glass, as if it were any old beer.  I then took a look at the back label on the bottle.  To my horror, clear as day, there was a picture of a narrow glass with a big X marked through it. Using my college education, I read the instructions on the label which specifically state “serve slightly chilled, in a wide mouth glass.”  Did I mention that I’m an amateur at this whole beer review thing?  Well with few options available to me, I poured out the beer from the narrow glass into a wide mouth wine glass.  With this auspicious start, I moved on to tasting the brew.

Upon first swig it has a mellow yet flavorful taste.  It’s a complex brew which provides a lot for the taste buds to take in.  It’s got a nice sharpness at first followed by a smooth finish which then produces a rich aftertaste.  It doesn’t lose any of it’s flavor upon the second taste, unlike most beers.  This is a remarkably rewarding beer to drink, with no need of a palate cleanser.  On my 3rd drink from the glass the ale almost seemed to coat the tongue, allowing all of one’s taste buds to experience in the delight.  I now understand why this beer sells so well even at the higher price.  These Trappists know what they are doing.  When they have been perfecting something since the time of the US civil war, it makes sense that they’d have it down to an exact science.  I was unable to detect an aroma of the beer, but my nose was a bit stuffed up due to allergies.  This is a beer to enjoy leisurely.  You don’t want to chug it down due to the price and the fact that you’ll miss out on the rich experience.  This is a perfect brew to have when watching a game or even better if catching up with an old friend.  This is by far one of the best beers I’ve ever had; not even half way through the beer, I continue to be more and more impressed with it.  After finishing the beer my first thought was to set aside some dough, so I can buy one of these for a nice occasion in the future.

Upon closer inspection of the bottle I’ve found yet another reason to thoroughly enjoy this beer.  It’s imported by an Austin, Texas company.  Oh Austin, is there anything you don’t have to offer?

The Chimay beers come from the Scourmont Abbey, which is located near Chimay, southern Hainaut, Belgium.  This abbey has been around for over 150 years and is one of 8 breweries worldwide that produces Trappist beers.  The Scourmont Abbey also produces a variety of cheeses.

2 thoughts on “Chimay Red

  1. I’ve always passed it in the store, assuming since it was a Trappist brew, it would be heavier than what I’d want to drink at the moment. I think I need to change my thinking.


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